Why Go to North Parramatta

Why Go to North Parramatta

For a lot of people living in the Northern Beaches of Australia, it is hard to imagine there are people in other parts of the country that could be considered more “culprit” than the people of North Parramatta. Since the day the first car came off the forecourt at North mechanic Parramatta, the people have taken to their feet and formed a community that has been here for almost as long as there have been cars on the streets of this amazing city. If you live in or around North Parramatta and you don’t own a car, you have probably either never been to this area or you don’t know the area and the history that surrounds it.

How To Quit Why Go To North Parramatta

If you do drive through the area, you’ll find a town of unique charm with plenty to offer. The main business district of Parramatta sits just south of the Motorway and has plenty of cafes and restaurants sitting at the foot of the Motorway itself. On the outskirts you’ll find the iconic Woolworths and their huge, white, painted and glass enclosed car park. And don’t forget the wonderful old Casa Loma Hotel just a short distance from the heart of the city. All the major buildings are there and, of course, you can’t miss the legendary GPO building that overlooks the Motorway – which, if you are lucky, you’ll see one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ve ever seen in your life!

As well as being home to many local businesses, including great small restaurants and cafes, it’s also a great place to catch some of the amazing light show that occurs each day across the area. If you’ve never seen the light show, don’t worry, you won’t see any streetlights up there, the light show is totally free and if you come during the day, you can capture some amazing images too! North Parramatta is definitely an area you need to check out when you’re planning a holiday to Australia.

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