Vape Detector Cost For Schools

Vape Detector Cost For Schools

A vape detector cost is an excellent tool to help schools combat the booming epidemic of nicotine addiction and lung problems. These devices help teachers to teach students about the health risks associated with vaping – nicotine can affect adolescent brain development and toxins found in vapor are damaging for the lungs. It also enables schools to strike up conversations with parents about how important it is to protect children from these harms.

The Cost of Vape Detectors: Investing in Home Safety for Peace of Mind

There is a wide range of vape detectors available at different prices, depending on brand, technology, additional features and installation requirements. These factors significantly influence the effectiveness vs cost ratio of these devices.

For example, ionization alarms use electrical sensors to detect small smoke particles in the air, while optical and heat alarms respond to temperature rather than the presence of smoke. It is not uncommon for these types of alarms to be triggered by vapor, but only when the vapor is very close and concentrated enough to set off the sensor.

This is why it’s essential to select a vape detector that has a highly sensitive detection system that is capable of detecting nicotine, propylene glycol (glycerin), and THC vapor as well as other toxic gases. Zeptive offers a wide range of easy-to-install vape detectors for school, hotels, hospitals and workplaces that are ideal for triggering smartphone notifications. We also offer comprehensive installation kits that include everything you need to mount the sensor on your wall or ceiling along with software and complimentary training from our chemical detection experts.

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