Thailand Gaming

Thailand Gaming

The number of mobile gaming devices in Thailand is increasing. Currently, 95% of the gaming population plays games on their mobile devices, though PCs and consoles are still widely used in the country. Mobile games are more popular among female gamers, and 95% of paying gamers spend money on in-game purchases. The most popular items purchased are playable characters.URL:

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International gaming operators are interested in opening casinos in Thailand. However, they are waiting to see if the regulatory framework will allow them to operate. It’s up to the government to draft legislation to entice foreign operators. Once the market is open to foreign investors, however, it will determine if international players will join.

The gaming industry in Thailand is growing at a fast pace. It is the 23rd largest in the world and generates over 330 million dollars in revenue annually. Popular gaming studios in the country include Sandbox Local, Sanuk Games, and Gamesquare. Some of Thailand’s most popular game titles include M.A.S.S. Builder, Home Sweet Home, and RPGs. Virtual reality games are also becoming popular in Thailand, though there is still limited demand for the technology.

Video games are essential to Thailand’s entertainment culture. Games that are translated into Thai are more likely to succeed in the country. By localizing the games, a game developer can draw new audiences and increase their revenue. For example, the video game Defender’s Quest has been translated into six different languages. As a result, its Steam sales have quadrupled.

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