Spray Foam Insulation For Your Glen Rose House Or Business

Spray Foam Insulation For Your Glen Rose House Or Business

Unlike fiberglass rolls and blown-in cellulose insulation that easily get damaged by water, fiber glass insulation will continue to perform as long as the structure stands. This is because spray foam insulation, installed by Central Texas Spray Foam Insulation, forms a solid barrier that prevents air drafts and mold growth. This makes spray foam insulation a more environmentally responsible choice than traditional cellulose or fiberglass insulation.

Common FAQs About Spray Foam Insulation in Glen Rose, TX

With its dense, closed-cell construction, spray foam insulation has a higher R-value per inch than open-cell insulation. It also helps to boost a structure’s structural integrity, making it ideal for homes and commercial structures. When Central Texas Spray Foam Insulation applies this type of insulation to your Glen Rose house or business, you can expect lower energy bills and more comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Spray foam insulation is made up of two liquid chemicals that mix together when sprayed onto your building’s walls, floors and ceiling. This foam then expands many times its size, filling in tight and awkward spaces. It also creates an air-tight seal that keeps conditioned air in, while preventing hot or cold outside air from finding its way in.

  • It can take as little as a day to install spray foam insulation in your home, while commercial and agricultural buildings might require slightly longer. It is recommended that you use professionals to ensure your safety and that the job is done correctly. This is because it takes practice to know the right atmospheric conditions to spray foam evenly. Plus, the professional grade personal protection gear you will need to wear includes a respirator, eye protection and skin protection.

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