Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

solar powered air conditioner  is a major energy consumer for many homeowners, especially in hotter climates. And, the electricity used to power them can lead to 117 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually (source).

If you’re looking for ways to cut your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint, consider a solar powered air conditioner. These systems are designed to use energy generated by solar panels or stored in a battery bank for use when the sun isn’t out. They’re more expensive than traditional cooling systems, but they may pay for themselves in 10 years or less with the energy savings they provide.

Sustainable Comfort: The Future of Cooling with Solar Air Conditioners

Several companies make solar AC units that either connect directly to PV (photovoltaic) panels or require a battery for backup. The EG4 Solar AC, for example, connects to solar arrays using a direct current (DC) connection during the day, and then taps into a home’s hard-wired power connections automatically when the sun isn’t shining.

Other models connect to PV arrays with an inverter, which can convert DC power into AC electricity. These solar ACs can run on the grid when the sun is out and require a battery for backup in the event of a power failure. These types of solar ACs can be a good fit for homes in areas that get plenty of sunlight throughout the year and/or have long summer seasons. They can also save money for people working toward a net-zero lifestyle. Regardless of which solar air conditioner you choose, it’s important to know your local climate and how much you use your AC so that you can find the right system for you.

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