I try to avoid password-protecting posts for the most part, being mostly satisfied with the anonymity afforded to me in this blog.  However, there are occasions when I feel it becomes necessary, due to especially sensitive matters being addressed or because I need to keep certain information from individuals that would otherwise be party to it.

To that end, you’ll find a few posts here that require a password to access.  If you already have the password, then – unless it has been compromised (I make it sound like this blog is MI5 or something) – the same one will give you access to future protected posts.  I will put a note here and attempt to email people should the password change.

If you have not got the password, and would like to access the protected posts, please get in touch with me.  As a general rule, I’m fairly easy-going about giving it out, but there are a few criteria I’d apply:

  • You shouldn’t be known to me in ‘real life’ (except in a couple of cases where the personnel concerned already have the password).  Sorry to those few friends that may find themselves affected by this.  Nothing personal.
  • I’d generally expect you to have left a couple of comments already, but I can be flexible about this.

Currently, only the following posts are protected.  I add to/remove from this list as and when more posts are protected/unprotected:

So, leave a comment or get in touch if you want to read any of this nonsense. The same password – with one exception – unlocks all affected posts.


3 thoughts on “Password

  1. If you felt comfortable Pandora, I’d love to read your protected material. No worries if not, I know I’m brand new here.

  2. By now, you’ve read a few of my comments, and when I was using Twitter, we connected there. Most recent contact in common is InsomniaLand.

    Comment to your most recent post:
    Tell ‘Them’, if it won’t provoke them, that falling down the stairs in most folks’ homes or flats won’t kill, but only resort in more serious pain of a physical sort–or a vegetative state, neither of which you need to add to your current woes.

    My depressions have always been very long–sometimes over a year, so I understand desire for release from the mental weariness and the lack of “spoons” to do much of anything, as well as the depression itself.

    You’re always in my thoughts.

    I get the feed of your blog, but it wasn’t enough to let me comment. Prettypleasewithsugarontop, may I have a password for your understandably protected posts?


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