Japanese Mini Trucks Dealers

Japanese Mini Trucks Dealers

Japanese mini custom kei trucks dealers are some of the most trusted sources for quality pre-owned vehicles. These small work vehicles have many advantages over UTVs and ATVs, making them a great option for anyone who needs a vehicle that’s versatile, durable and affordable.

Where is the engine in a mini truck?

Pros & Cons of Japanese Mini Trucks

One of the biggest benefits of these workhorses is that they are fuel-efficient. The average mini truck will only guzzle up to about a quarter of the amount of gas that an ATV or UTV would use. This is especially true of the diesel models from a few popular Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Daihatsu.

You’ll find these vehicles are able to handle even the most rugged terrain thanks to their 4×4 capability and their plethora of options for getting that power to the wheels. For example, you can get a manual model with an optional Hi/Lo range or a CVT model with a locking rear differential that allows the vehicle to climb mountains as easily as the UTV brigade.

These cars also offer a wide array of seating options, from standard cabs to dump bodies that are hydruallic. In addition, they have a very high ground clearance that makes them ideal for rough terrain.

These trucks are also incredibly reliable, with many of them being used for decades in Japan. They’re often sold with very low mileage, and are inspected and certified by Japan’s government each year to ensure they are in good working order.

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