Higher Consciousness – What on Earth Do These Gurus Really Mean?

Higher Consciousness – What on Earth Do These Gurus Really Mean?

Many spiritually-minded people talk of achieving higher consciousness. Hindu sages, Christian monks and Buddhist ascetics all speak of moments of higher consciousness achieved through a variety of practices including meditation, chanting and fasting. But for secular types it can all come across as maddeningly vague, wishy washy and touchy feely – for want of a better word, annoying. They wonder, what on earth do these gurus really mean?

In the first stage of higher consciousness you believe Life is happening to you and that you can control it. This can be a dangerous place to get stuck. It leads to all sorts of problems, like men trying to control women or religions trying to control beliefs. It can also lead to the belief that you can control everything that happens to you, which is a very destructive way to live.

Ascending to New Heights: Exploring Higher Consciousness

The second stage of higher consciousness is about letting go of this desire to control everything that happens. In this state, you begin to see that the same Intelligence that keeps the planets spinning, heals your cuts and brings spring out of winter is weaving a very beautiful and unique path for you. It is intelligently putting you into exactly the situations you need to unhook from the spells that keep you separate from its flow.

The final stage of higher consciousness is about merging with the whole universe. This is where you experience a deep sense of oneness with everyone and everything, as yourself.

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