Finding a Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer

Finding a Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer

Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer is home to a variety of jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers. Some specialize in fashion jewelry and gemstones, while others produce jewelry in metals such as stainless steel and alloys. There are also some unique products to look for, such as jewelry made of bamboo. A few of these companies can be found online, which can help you find something that suits your style and budget.

Manappuram, Titan ink pact for jewellery manufacture

Some of these companies specialize in fashion and high-end silver jewelry. They offer quality and value for their products, and have even collaborated with global brands like Swarovski. Another Bangkok-based jewelry manufacturer is Prouwi, which believes that the jewelry that you buy is an extension of your personality. The company designs custom-made jewelry to reflect a lifestyle that is unique to you.

Atelier Quadrature specializes in high-end gold and silver jewelry. This company collaborates with renowned jewelry designers and offers design services and mass-production services. They offer 3D wax models and virtual prototyping to help you make your jewelry. You can also find a manufacturer in Thailand that specializes in brass and pewter jewelry, like Lydesign Co., Ltd.

Aside from manufacturing jewelry, Thailand’s jewelry industry also exports gems and diamonds. The country continues to be an important global hub for gem and jewelry production. It is home to cutting and treatment infrastructure, which allows it to keep an ever-increasing supply of raw materials.

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