DA Asks Feds to Probe Unlawful Strip Searches in NYC Suburb

DA Asks Feds to Probe Unlawful Strip Searches in NYC Suburb

The Westchester County head prosecutor has requested that government specialists explore “unavoidable and tenacious” social liberties infringement including the Mount Vernon Police Department, including unlawful strip look and unreasonable utilization of power.

Lead prosecutor Mimi Rocah asked the U.S. Equity Department to examine whether the rural New York City division is “methodicallly disregarding people groups’ social equality,” refering to “conceivably unlawful lead by a few previous and current” officials.

Rocah, who got to work in January, raised concerns recently with Mount Vernon’s magistrate of public security about an example of outlandish strip searches and body cavity look.

The police division faces a few claims over strip searches, and four individuals from the office have been captured on criminal allegations in the course of recent years, the Westchester Journal News detailed.

“All Westchester occupants need to have certainty that they will be dealt with reasonably and fairly,” Rocah said in a proclamation.

Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard invited the solicitation for a government examination.

“We are striving to destroy foundational issues and change policing to guarantee that our local area is a protected spot for all,” she said in an articulation.

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