Creating a Niche List For Your Business

Creating a Niche List For Your Business

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It’s common to think of your business as a “jack of all trades, master of none,” but the truth is that the more specific you become, the better. Choosing a niche list will help you develop expertise and avoid wasting resources or putting out subpar work that won’t attract attention.

Your niche doesn’t necessarily have to be your passion (although it can help you stick with the project) – it just has to be interesting enough to hold people’s interest and be relevant to their lives. Try using a mind map to help you discover niche paths, or simply take a look around your own home or office and see what sparks ideas. You can also browse online shopping sites like Amazon or eBay to see what kinds of products are selling, and look for trends that might give you insight into consumer needs and wants.

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For example, if you’re an expert on card and board games, you might want to create your own version of Wirecutter for gaming gear. Or, if you’re the go-to source for information on new software releases, you might find that there’s a market for helping others navigate the tricky world of consumer tech. Finally, if you’re an articulate movie or music aficionado, you might be able to tap into a sizable audience for your opinions on what’s playing in theaters or the latest album release.

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