Other MH Blogs

As you might expect, these are mental health related blogs that I enjoy reading don’t really fit into any of my other categories. To that end I’ll give a brief explanation of these ones.

  • Careless in the Community – by my friend Nick Hewling, this blog looks at non-psychiatric/psychological means to mental well-being, as well as neuroscience and themes within the area of mental health.
  • Conversational Hysteria – the life, times and outspoken views of a highly articulate autistic blogger. Gunthorpe rages against traditional debates on autistic spectrum disorders and provides his own take on all matters related.
  • Fear of Therapy – a cartoon blog exploring the lighter sides of psychotherapy.
  • Magic Plum – Magic Plum has had her own experiences with mental health issues, and has been working as a volunteer for the area for many years. She is artistically inclined in the form of poetry, prose and some drawing 🙂
  • Mental Spaghetti – Mental Spaghetti was originally a personal mental health blog, which has now become a brilliant collaborative project highlighting creative arts (ranging from photography and drawings to poetry and prose, and beyond).
  • Misery, Misanthropy, Melodrama – written by estnihil, this blog is primarily on the subject of anti-natalism – the philosophical belief that humans should not procreate. However, the author also discusses mental health issues such as autism, depression, suicide and the value (or otherwise) of psychiatry. Some may find it controversial, but I find it fascinating.
  • Prozacville – a walking, talking Prozac pill offers a sardonic, usually hilarious take on all and any mental health issues in the form of comic strips. Sublime.
  • Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids – a well-written blog on dealing with the consequences of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse.
  • Sound Mind, Sound Media – the blog of student journalist James, this blog features insightful commentary on how mental health issues are presented across the UK media.
  • Speaking Up – Speaking Up highlights the experiences of those who experience (or have experienced) mental illness, voicing the concerns and stories of patients and carers alike.
  • Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum – yeah, I bet you never thought you’d see me recommending a ‘mummy blog’, did you?! However, Lori, the author, has suffered anxiety and post-natal depression – and, tragically, in January 2011 she lost her husband to suicide. Her experience is deeply saddening, thought-provoking and candidly discussed.
  • The View From Hell – a blog largely devoted to the investigation and discussion of suicide as a phenomenon.
  • This Week in Mentalists – descended from a regular feature of the deceased blogs Mental Nurse and The Madosphere, I have somehow found myself the Editor of the collaboratively-written TWIM, which highlights the best of that week’s blogging in the Madosphere. We also run features on mental health in the media more generally.

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