I’ve kept the ‘Useful Links’ section on the right side-bar of the main site (it’s the one with charity and advice sites), as well as links to a few friends’ blogs and my favourites amongst the professionals, but all the other wonderful blogs I’ve discovered will be listed here by category.

For the record, I still think all of the blogs I have listed here are great. If I don’t care for something, I don’t add it to my blogroll, but I’ve been very fortunate to find so many interesting and well-written blogs here in the Madosphere.  So it’s time they got their own pages 🙂

If you are interested in having your blog added to the blogroll, please contact me. I don’t add everything, of course, but if you write a decent mental health blog that I’d add to my reader, then it will end up here!

If you have me on your blogroll but aren’t listed here, please let me know – I’m always delighted to come across new blogs.

I’m retaining the categories, so follow the links to find the mental health blogs in which you’re interested.  Of course, in many cases there’s a lot of cross-over in categories, and oftentimes some people don’t fit clearly into one ‘box’ or within a certain diagnostic framework, so bear in mind that these categories are for guidelines only.

  • System Busters
  • BPD and (C-)PTSD
  • Bipolar and Depression
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Psychosis and Schizophrenia
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Other Mental Health Blogs
  • Enjoy!


    One thought on “Blogroll

    1. thankyou thankyou thankyou pan!
      I’ve been desperately trying to find one of these blogs (after you posted about it i dunno, months?, back) but it’s eluding my cognitive (in)abilities, so bless your little heart for pulling together an index of blogs here.

      can’t get onto depression & PTSD pages, though..

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