Types of Online ModelsTypes of Online Models

Online Models

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This online business model focuses on providing services to customers through the internet. Services can be as simple as coaching and consulting to more advanced options like e-commerce or ad management. Services often require a significant amount of your time and therefore do not generate passive income but can be a great way to monetize your skills, expertise, and knowledge of your industry.

The Pros and Cons of Different Online Modeling Platforms

The open-source model, in which content (often code) is freely made available and the company generates revenue from ancillary sales or services. This is a very ethical model and is popular in the tech space with examples such as Wikipedia and Mozilla.

This online business model is one of the most popular and fastest growing. It is based on the principle of being a trusted third party by enabling users to compare and contrast products to make the right purchase. The most prominent example of this is Amazon, but many others operate in a similar fashion. This is a very scalable model and often has low operating costs due to the nature of its technology.