Biocbd+ – What is Water Soluble CBD?Biocbd+ – What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water Soluble biocbd is a type of cannabis product engineered to dissolve in liquids and be absorbed more efficiently by the body. This enhanced bioavailability enables water-soluble products to deliver a higher amount of CBD per serving and can also make them more effective.

This process is known as nano-emulsion. It uses a combination of energy and force to mill down crystals from microns to nano-sized hard particles that are then mixed with an oily solution and processed to create the final product. The resulting liquid can then be added to any beverage, allowing the CBD to go to work within seconds of being ingested.

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Another benefit of this new technology is that it eliminates the need for a carrier oil, which is often derived from coconut or hemp oils. This can help reduce product costs and improve the overall quality of your CBD products.

Using a proprietary technology called VESIsorb, our Water Soluble products use the nano-emulsion method to break apart those tiny globs of oil and turn them into a more soluble form of CBD. This allows for the molecule to bypass the digestive system entirely, and go straight into the liver where it gets metabolized before getting out into the general circulation.

When dropping oil-based CBD and a water-soluble version of the same into water, you can easily see the difference between them; the oil from the’regular’ CBD floats on the top while the ‘water soluble’ drops to the bottom, dispersing like a beautiful cloud pattern. Similarly, when a water-soluble CBD is dropped under the tongue it can be swallowed right away without waiting for it to’sink in.’