A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

…Almost literally?

Designed using Wordle.

Not the best evening I’ve had.  Cannot stop ruminating, as the above probably attests.



24 thoughts on “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

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  5. May I throw a spanner into the works? It’s a small word … some would say it’s a weak, pathetic word, a word that gets us nowhere, that leaves us exposed and vulnerable … but I think it’s the most powerful word there is: LOVE. And I want to write it large all over your wordle until all the negative and cruel and awful words are wiped away. You, dearest Pandora, are much loved. Call me soft in the head, call me anything you like, scream at me and throw all the horrors of your life at me, but know this: you are loved.


  6. Sorry things are so bad, Pan. I understand too well the awful power of the unstoppable ruminating machine. But I would like to echo Phil Groom, you are loved. Hope that can enter the cloud of words and thoughts and feelings a little bit.


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  8. hi
    this is thought provoking, everytime you look you can get different things from it. Very personal but also reaches out if that makes sense?
    wonder if I’m allowed a password please? If not, no worries, thanks x

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